FAQ We answer your questions.

It is all about your work ethic. If you are willing to work hard, endure failures, and keep trying. We do have rules however. they are:
  1. Attend every class.
  2. Take hand-written notes.
  3. Ask questions.
  4. Submit your assignments on time.
  5. Be prepared for self-directed learning.
If these sound like something you could do - then you should do well in the program.
Typically graduates get junior to intermediate jobs as front end, back end, and full-stack developers. It depends on what they want to do. The program teaches development as a continuum and places the students right at the middle between back end and front end. Then as students grow and learn in the program they can decide where they wish to focus and find work. Students have also found work in quality assurance, usability, project management, and telephone application development.
By the end of the year they have graduated - about 80 percent of graduates have found full-time work as Web Developers. These may be permanent jobs, or longer-term contract jobs.
Most internships are paid. Occasionally, a sponsoring company will offer an unpaid internship - but since this position will have to compete with paid internships they often go unfilled.
You will work closely with your faculty to research and find the place you want to work at. It is a joint project with you and the faculty.
We teach ASP.net using C#, PHP, SQL, and Javascript. We also teach HTML, CSS, and XML.
The program is twelve months long: September to August. We have holidays in the Fall and Winter semester. Plus a week before the start of the third, Summer, semester.
There are between 20 and 21 hours of instruction per week. Each semester is 15 weeks long.
Some students do work part time during the program - but it is not reccommended. There is a lot of work to do in the program and adding more work to that is not always a good idea. There is some work available on campus which may be more convenient.
We have kept the use of textbooks to a minimum. Most classes do not have textbooks and instead use online resources and resources prepared by the professor. For the latest textbooks please contact the program coordinator.
You will have to purchase a domain name and have a hosting package for your domaain and portfolio Web site. The costs for these vary but expect to pay between $10 to $30 for the domain and $50 to $100 for the hosting. If you are not sure - please speak with your faculty or the coordinator.
Please feel free to contact Bernie Monette - bernie.monette[at]humber.ca or at 416 675 6622 x4587.